nowhere DAO

Talents Wanted

Dedicated Status member will be rewarded with additional contribution value


1. Familiar with blockchain market analysis tools and master technical indicators abilities.
2. Familiar with the blockchain market and have the ability to judge data news/market news/trends, etc.
3. Ability to use logical analysis and related technical indicators to output analysis results.
1. The social media account is an analyst or trader who publishes analysis constantly.
Followers >5k.
2. Those who are working or have worked in blockchain market analysis are preferred.

Project Investigator

1. Research and analyse cryptocurrency projects, tracks and the industry as a whole, with effective methods and solid ideas to make decisions.
2. Able to write research reports or research briefs for projects.
1. Experience in the crypto industry with an understanding of the industry development stages, business logic and upcoming trends.
2. Passionated about the crypto industry and have your own investment logic.
3. Strong project analysis and logical expression ability.
1. Personal opinion on current news.
2. The content of the post needs to indicate what the news being analysed is.
3. The point of view of your content needs to be clear and unique.
1. Be familiar with knowledge related to the blockchain industry.
2. Have a certain understanding of blockchain hotspots or trends.
3. Distinct of next trends or hotspots in this field.

News Journalist

1. Publishing or quoting crypto market news.
2. The content must be authentic and 24-hour timeliness.
1. Have a strong curiosity and desire to explore, and are glad to discover new changes in the blockchain.
2. Familiar with the major blockchain media/top communities and able to update quickly.
3. Strong expression ability, able to organize the core values of the news and export them to the community.

Master of Art

1. Produce materials for Nowhere DAO.
2. Participate in NW visual design, such as meme, banners, posters, videos, etc.
3. Responsible for the creative conception and advertisement design.
1. Strong sense of design and aesthetic.
2. Proficient in using design related software.
3. Have ideas and creativity for Nowhere DAO.