nowhere DAO

State of the Industry & Solutions

The Industrial Revolution had brought great wealth to the early pioneers and one can only experience it once in his lifetime.
The Internet Revolution just came with encryption technologies development that has truly changed the world. The new industry has changed the running system of world by subverting traditional understanding of belief and credit. Leaving opportunities to individual’s life changing.
However, there are still the dilemmas as following:
1.People are often afraid of the unknown and unclear. The Blockchains were born in a chaotic phase where deception often follows wealth, and it is likely to create obstacles for those early explorers to find the true value content of the system.
2. The encryption market is changing with each passing day, and the pace of user cognition growth cannot keep up with the speed of industry. Due to limited cognition, people always rely on risky speculation behavior in the aftermarket investment.
3. Nowadays impetuous industry needs high-production and unicorn projects instead of the short-term speculation.
4. The blindly trend-following mindset is taking place. Capital background has become a barometer for the development of projects. Although people turn their attention to capital, they also hate capital because of the pump then dump efforts. Capitals are all evil by squeezing investors dry, which force people tend to unite and improve.
Are you passionate about crypto but not understood?
Do you like to share your crypto experiences but are always ignored?
Are you focused on the primary market but can't find value investing?
Are you entangled in the secondary market but lack trading experience?
Are you always following in the footsteps of capital without getting anything in return?
Nowhere DAO is solving these problems. From the perspective of historical development, people are more willing to hold power in their own hands. Approach DAO, enter DAO, develop DAO, establish consensus in autonomy, and achieve mutual benefits.
1. We are recruiting encryption heroes. convening outstanding crypto practitioners to form nowhere DAO, where everyone is free and equal. Our requirement is that you have a heart that is fanatical about the crypto market, positive, and loyal to your beliefs.
2. You can obtain nowhere identity NFT and Token through your own efforts. At the same time, nowhere DAO will build an information sharing platform, a value project mining platform, an NFT trading platform, a primary and secondary market information supply platform, an education platform, etc., as long as you hold With nowhere identity NFT, you will be able to access multiple resources and rewards.
3. In Nowhere, everyone is contributor, and everyone is a beneficiary. Nowhere DAO returns the power to the members and benefiting them for life.